Photos circa 1991-1993

Here are some old photos from my (Guru) collection.

Photo 4.jpg:  from a local Bombay Hockey Association match that we played
in 1993/1994 (on the turf at the Churchgate stadium).

BHA (1993/1994)

Photo 3.jpg:  from inter-IIT 1991 in KGP.  We came in second.


Inter-IIT at KGP (1991)

Photo 1.jpg:   from a party that the hockey team threw for Banerjee when he
got married (circa 1993?) Folks in the picture include (of course, Banerjee and his wife), Pundir,
Dhatingan, Kadam, Sawant, Sameer, Bajwa, Bharat, Omkar.


Hockey team at Banerjee wedding (1993)