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12 Oct 2014: Current team and players

The current team came out in full strength! Thanks to their efforts for planning the event and taking care of all arrangements. ¬†They were also an attentive bunch –listening to everything Appaji had to say.

IMG_9663 waqar IMG_9680 current students IMG_9679 current students IMG_9589-Current students enjoying the last from the past

(Photographs — Courtesy: Hockey Secretary and Current team, 2014)

Post from Saharsha Keshkar

Inter IIT Roorkee-2012 (Silver)


Inter IIT Roorkee-2012 (Silver) Inter IIT Roorkee-2012 (Silver)

Photos from Anubhav Srivastava

Inter IIT 2009 team-won gold(KAN) and 2010-won silver(DEL). Awesome memories.

InterIIT2009/2010a InterIIT2009/2010b



Photos from Sushil Reddy

Inter-IIT 2012 at Roorkee.

IIT-B won silver

Inter-IIT 2012 at Roorkee 1 Inter-IIT 2012 at Roorkee 2


Photos from the net

I found these photos on the net

Probably around 1987-8

More recent