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Post from Anagh Kohli (Rocky)

Hi Everyone,

I had the pleasure of representing  IITB hockey from 2001-06  ( captain 04-06). We won gold in 02 ( delhi) , 04 ( Madras), 05 ( Rorkee) and Bronze in 03 ( Bombay). KGP 01 was a disaster and best left untouched 🙂

Good to see More, Hathi and other recognizable names.

It is surreal that almost every IITB hockey alum has had similar experiences with Appaji.

Jeeezzz!!!! feels like yesterday.


Anagh  ( aka Rocky)


Inter-IIT at Roorkee (2005) Gold


Inter-IIT at Roorkee (2005) Gold

Inter-IIT at Madras (2004) Gold

Inter-IIT at Madras (2004) Gold

Inter-IIT at Madras (2004)

Inter-IIT at Madras (2004)

Inter-IIT at Delhi (2002) Gold

Inter-IIT at Delhi (2002) Gold

BHA 3rd Div (2006) Runners up

BHA 3rd Div (2006) Runners up


Photos from Anubhav Srivastava

Inter IIT 2009 team-won gold(KAN) and 2010-won silver(DEL). Awesome memories.

InterIIT2009/2010a InterIIT2009/2010b



Photos and message from Abhishek Modi

From Abhishek Modi:

I have one from Inter IIT 2005 (Roorkee)… we won Gold there … (Few members seen in the pic: Anagh, Rajat Mathur, Nitish Jain, Diwan, Godara, PD .. )


For Sir:

Thanks for teaching me the greatest game I have ever played. Time spent on the Hockey field are the best memories from my IIT days … I remember those practice sessions preceded with those cross country or a run to the hill top. It used to amaze me how easily you used to beat many of us while climbing the hill top !!!

You have the pillar behind IITB’s success in Hockey. Wishing you all the best in life and the journey hereafter.

Abhishek Modi

Photos from Sanjay Kumar

Treat at Appaji’s house, 2001


Gold at Inter IIT at IIT-K, 2000

IIT-KANPUR_2000-gold IIT-KANPUR_2000_gold

Celebrations post Gold at Inter-IIT at IIT-D, 2002


At Bombay Hockey League, 2003


Photos — Inter IIT Delhi 2003

Pfa photos from Inter IIT Delhi 2003 snaps.  We won gold.

IMG_149128431342738 Inter-IIT Delhi 2003 (a) Inter-IIT Delhi 2003 (b) Inter-IIT Delhi 2003 (c)





Sandip More