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“Hockey at IIT-B” Rangoli on Paper

Hockey at IIT-B, Rangoli on Paper by Lipika Biswas


Thanks to Lipika!


Remembering other coaches> Mr RS Gentle

For me, IIT-B Hockey was synonymous with Appaji!

Mr Arun Firodia from the 1965 batch informed me that he was coached by Mr. R.S. Gentle who had scored the winning goal at Melbourne Olympics.

I of course immediately looked around:

Great to hear that Appaji is following a great tradition.


Remembering other coaches> Mr Khatri

Remembering Mr Khatri

Your mail  remind me of an regretful  incident  and I wish we were  as sensitive in eighties and nineties!

It so happened that I had to go and collect my Degree Certificate from admin office  after two decades  from graduation.  I showed myself , told my roll number  and a new employee in her twenties  produced my certificate in a jiffy. But she would not part with it till I showed her some  identity .

I was an out of towner and had nothing on me . But the lady  was bright  and  asked me if I could find someone on the campus  who would know me personally! I imagine , with all your batch mates  out of school , who would know you personally and remember after 20 years ? But I used all my memories and started taking names of a few people whom I thought would know me personally .

A lady from administration who used to give me my scholar ship , my two HODs , a PG student who helped me with my project , a Professor whose experimental IC Engine was burned by me  [ surely by mistake !]  – –  I went on rattling names and she went on checking with her own memories and that of her seniors around . No clue  – – most were retired or unknown.

Then I suddenly remembered Mr Khatri  ,  my Gymnastics Coach whose team I had captained for three years .  I almost shouted his name and the lady quietly took my signature ,  handed over the Certificate  and with some faint comment [which I did not hear] ,  turned around and walked away.

I went straight to the  Gym to find that our Dear Khatri  Sabu had passed away a few years ago !

And although in my forties , I almost cried!

Chandrashekhar Dasnurkar

Previous hockey alumni reunions

2010 reunion

The pot bellied guys are the alumni

The pot bellied guys are the alumni

Group photograph after the match

Group photograph after the match

(R to L) Pant, Guru, Appaji, Banerjee

(R to L) Pant, Guru, Appaji, Banerjee

The 2010 reunion (the first one) was among the best I’ve attended. There were a large number of alumni (sufficient to form our own team).

Photos from the net

I found these photos on the net

Probably around 1987-8

More recent



Hockey alumni get together and match

The next hockey alumni get together and match is on Sunday, 12 Oct 2014 at  IIT, Bombay.

Pre-match get-together: 3.30-4.30 pm, New Yoga Room, SAC, IIT-B, Powai

Sign-up here:


Match: 5 pm, Hockey Ground, IIT-B, Powai

Contact person:  Mohammad Waqar Younus, Institute Hockey Secretary, IIT Bombay, Email: waqar(dot)younus192(at)gmail(dot)com; 9421053107


This site has been created on the occasion of Dr BB Appaji (Coach of the IIT-B hockey team) turning 60.  All IIT-B alumni who have interacted with and learnt from Dr Appaji are requested to send in their messages, memories and old photographs to for compilation on this blog.